My apologies for this late posting. Late in that it concerns the Ash Comics and Toy Show, and that was a week ago. That being said, it was an enjoyable time. I got to see quite a few old and dear friends/colleagues, among them was Gary Allen Barker. I have known Gary for quite a few years (back when he was trying to get into the comic industry, as were we all), but it had been literally decades since I had seen him. He had changed very little (although I am sure he would disagree) and it was like no time had passed between us.

I learned that there will be one more show at that location (they had been held there consistently for well over 20 years) and then they will begin at a new location. My intention is to be there for the transition.

To my friend, Andrew Holzman, you have brought many years of joy to us comic and toy geeks, and I look forward to many more years at your new location.


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