Just checking in again before the Ash Comics Show in Indianapolis.

As I stated in a previous blog, I've been MIA for a while, but now I'm shaking off the cobwebs and getting back in action. I'm sure this will get the creative juices flowing again, and spur me on to get crackin' on some creator-owned projects that have been fermenting in the brewery that is my imagination, for quite some time. No doubt, a reunion with long-time friends and colleagues, George A Lane III, Gary Barker, Bill Nichols, and Bobby Hickey will greatly contribute to that.

For all you who know me and have commissioned sketches from me at these shows through the years, I will have bristol and pencil in hand to continue the tradition. And for those StormChasers out there, I will also have the StormQuest Saga posters that I will be autographing on request as giveaways.

Be there, or may the Blue Bird of Paradise speckle your yogurt.


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