After a hiatus of about a year, I'll be showing up at the next ASH COMICS SHOW in Indianapolis. This show had been my old stomping ground for years, and, after many years away, I made (I guess you would say) a come-back. Then, I dropped off again for the previously mentioned year. Well, I'm baaaaccckkkk! And, I am not alone! With me will be my good friends and colleagues, George A. Lane III (Pet Force), Gary Allen Barker (Garfield, Marvel), and Bill Nichols (SkyStorm, Sketch Magazine). With a little luck, also accompanying us will be Bobby Hickey (publisher of SkyStorm), and Jerry Foley (Sky Comics).

This has all the makin's of (as Han would say) an event of truly epic proportions!

The Ash Comics Show is Sunday, October 26 from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm. and is hosted and brought to you by the illustrious Andy Holzman.

For more info on this show (entering its 28th year, by the way), go to their website at http://ashcomicshow.com.

SEE YA' THERE! Don't make me come lookin' for you.


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