Inspiration is on the rise.

Just jumped in knee-deep getting some things done for an old friend and colleague. The illustrious, Cary Lee Baker, Vice-Chairman and Art Director for The Pantheon, Inc., and owner and president of 3rd Planet Media/3PM Comics has enlisted my help in putting together his upcoming foray into comics self-publishing. Cary is a published artist himself, but this will be his first time "at the helm". And, I must say that I am not only impressed with the product he is putting together, but I am also happy to be a part of it.

His original plans entailed the release of his first comic, VEGA, which I was happy to do the cover colors and logo design for. However, plans changed, and the new debut publication coming from 3PM will be the anthology graphic novel title, SCI-BORG JUICE. Needless to say, this will be chock full of sci-fi goodness, with a "mature readers" label. No raised eyebrows. Anyone remember HEAVY METAL?

Sci-Borg Juice_alternate LOGO.jpg

Okay, then. Shut up.

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