A fairly uneventful day, for the most part. Got some work done on the website, did a little bit of clearing out of my primary e-mail account, got started picking up things in my office (loooong way to go), and put a few online job applications. Really sucks being out of work. Very frustrating, depressing, infuriating, frustrating, I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made. IT SUCKS!! But, I can't let that kinda stuff get me down. Have to keep pushing forward. Like the Swamp Thing said, "The only way out is through."

Anyway, I've also been trying to get myself going on an idea for a Kickstarter campaign. I have an idea for 3 different comic limited series, but don't know which one to go for. One, I have a general idea for and have started on character designs. The second, I have an idea for, have no character designs, but I have started on a basic outline, and very general character bios. The last, is something I had started on almost 20 years ago. The first issue is written, and the first 18 pages done. You would think that this one is the one to go with, but the work on it (although still good) was done so long ago, I would probably end up revising it from scratch. Decisions...decisions!


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