For 30+ years I have worked in the field of Graphic Design and Illustration. Starting professionally in 1985, for David Anthony Kraft's Comics Interview Publications as a freelance comic book penciler, and the past 10+ years as a Graphic Designer/Typesetter in the content book publishing industry, working for both Evanston Publishing, Inc., and Integrated Media Corp., I have managed to amass a good deal of knowledge and experience in the creative as well as production aspects of the print medium industry.


       In the comic book industry, I have worked for publishers such as, Sky

Comics/Skystorm Studios,, Caliber Press, Atlantis Studios, Stratiea Press, Malibu Comics, Comics Interview Publications and others. Comics titles I have worked on include, The Southern Knights, OZ, StormQuest, The Protectors, Ex-Mutants, and Magna-Man: The Last Super-Hero, to name a few.


      In the "content book" industry, I have designed and typeset a host of published works, from textbooks and geneologies, to children's books, biographies, including the 2012, 2014 and 2016 editions of Who's Who Louisville: African American Profiles, with the 2018 edition slated to begin production.


       In addition to my endeavors as stated above, I was also Production Designer and boardmember of The Pantheon, Inc. a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky, and devoted to the promotion and mentoring of the creative arts.



Phone: 502-802-4984

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